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With an intense passion for all things fashion and textile, D H Bridal Designs been involved in this industry, especially after learning through College and University education, since 2001. D H Bridal Designs is a relatively new bridal dress business, starting in September 2018. Having always adored designing and creating, D H Bridal designs enjoy and focus very much the textile design aspect as well as the technical abilities required for a good cut and style to a garment.

Dominique Haywood had the business commencing from Sept 2018 after completing University in Fashion and Textiles at the University of Kent in June of that year and shortly after started the production process on new designs for the Autumn / Winter 2019 collection. The style is unique, contemporary and classic with a veer toward femininity and elegance, the designs also reflect a reference to the 1920’s ladies wear silhouette.

The dresses in each collection are made with regard to public feedback on the designs to adhere to the needs of the typical discerning lady who is seen as our customer. We know what makes the designs unique and what a typical customer is generally seeking in a dress, this makes us a unique brand since we have our own take on a wedding dress design and so therefore we understand our style is not for every lady, after all you cannot please everyone! The uniqueness of our brand is that every garment features natural silk and they are designed to feel luxurious and different on that special day of wearing. The products are made in the UK and we are environmentally conscious actively using up-cycling techniques as well as re-cycling to be ethically responsible.

Through the designer portfolio, we aim to showcase feminine, romantic and traditional garments for our target consumer. Although this has been a lifelong interest of the designer, she only recently came into the industry as a professional. Her style is classy yet edgy, with aim to inspire and capture the hearts of youthful but mature and older wiser traditional discerning women around the country.

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